OMG guys they finally killed bad man after 21 years

 it has been almost 21 years since 9/11 and the US government finally killed Bin-Ladens 2nd in command with a drone strike. All it needed was be part of a useless war against the Taliban. Despite the fact they had zero connection to 9/11 which ended in Taliban victory.

2.26 trillion dollars and almost 2.5k dead American soldiers totally needed to happen so that he could get killed in a drone strike.

This drone strike was probably done to distract dumb people from his failures in the same way he did with the drone strikes back in 2021 which killed innocent Afghans to distract from the 13 dead soldiers that he caused.

This was made to distract you from the fact that the witch Pelosi is about to start WW3 with her travel to Taiwan. Her plane travel was done to start war with China and the media is more important on the fucking drone strike.

and of course the Biden enablers and anti terrorists neocons are simping over this as they always did.

yes celebrate the government killing the guy that they gave millions of dollars of weapons and funding years prior to 9/11

in the end this drone strike was the most useless W the Biden regime ever gave out. It doesn't even count as a vengeance for the 9/11 families since they let this guy live free for 21 years until suddenly now he must be taken out. We wasted ground troops and equipment against the Taliban. Which before the war they wanted to extradite the 9/11 conspirators in exchange they prove they were the definitive perpetrators to 9/11. Bu t the GAE thought it would be better to destroy it because it would prove the Saudis had a part in orchestrating 9/11.


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