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moving to Wordpress

 This blog is no longer active. It has moven to substack Update I have moved from Substack and moving to Wordpress

Researchers create "vaccine" to cure opioid addiction

  The western world has been suffering from opioids from the last 3 decades. Mostly caused by the drug companies controlling the CDC into allowing them to refill prescriptions over and over again because the user had a tiny non threatening injury.  Instead of banning opioids and importation of poppies that are used in production of the drugs. They instead are pumping dollars into a "vaccine" that claims to cure addiction by having mind control properties. A #vaccine designed to fight #opioid addiction has been developed. Introduced as a #fentanyl vaccine, it was created by a team of researchers at the University of Houston (UH) after years of research. — NTD News (@news_ntd) December 5, 2022 Yeah this isn't a parody they are actually making this right now and they see it as an actual solution to a problem they created in the first place. Don't these people know that this would only work with people who aren't addicts. I couldn't imag

Killstream: Loomer and Beardson on the milo drama 12/4/2022


Ethan Ralph and Richard Spencer discuss Ye 12/2/2022


Why alt-hype

  This came out of absolutely nowhere and is on the course of Alt-Hype going the Judas route. For some reason he's pushing this idea that Mike Enoch and NJP are somehow going to surpass Nick in terms of popularity.  Obviously I must recuse myself from this talk, but Mike Enoch would be WAY more popular than Fuentes if there were no censorship. As Charlie Kirk and Ben Shapiro would be relegated by Fuentes, Fuentes would be relgated by the TRS crew. — The Alt Hyp (@thealthype) December 3, 2022 Yes, in a zero censorship environment, there were lots of people bigger than Nick, me, etc. The censorship came, they disappeared. Nick didn't disappear. Nick AFAIK actually GREW during this censorship period, which is really odd. That's what I'm saying. In a no-censorship... — The Alt Hyp (@thealthype) December 3, 2022 I think another problem, and I've noticed this around the AFers, is just how unaware they are of how big TRS is. Like, they seem genuinely surprised when I men

Parler drops the Ye buyout

  For the last few months Ye expressed interest in buying alt-tech site Parler. This move was a surprise to everyone since he is buying a site that hasn't been relevant since January last year. Well after the Alex Jones interview they changed their minds and won't be bought by Ye. They know that the entire Israel lobby has declared war on Ye for what he said on Infowars. And if they go through with this they will lose their apps on the Appstore's and web hosting. Since they rely on the very entities that censor in order to make people believe they are free speech. I think for him its a better move than owning it since Parler is a dead site. No one of importance uses it other than mirror posts from other platforms. Him being on Truth or even Gab is way better to help spread his message to his supporters which are the Groypers and dissident right. Fuck Parler Long live Gab. #YE24