Researchers create "vaccine" to cure opioid addiction


The western world has been suffering from opioids from the last 3 decades. Mostly caused by the drug companies controlling the CDC into allowing them to refill prescriptions over and over again because the user had a tiny non threatening injury. 

Instead of banning opioids and importation of poppies that are used in production of the drugs. They instead are pumping dollars into a "vaccine" that claims to cure addiction by having mind control properties.

Yeah this isn't a parody they are actually making this right now and they see it as an actual solution to a problem they created in the first place.

Don't these people know that this would only work with people who aren't addicts. I couldn't imagine what the side effects if a junkie took this but it would probably be very bad with all the stuff that is used to mind control the victim.

Safe to say don't take this and try to convince your friends or relatives who are suffering from opioid addiction to not event think of taking this. 


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