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not surprising at all

 I am totally shocked at this i thought this wouldn't possible that the FED would say the fake digial money wouldn't be secure and Anonymous. Print master Powell has been trying to make digital fiat currency for like 2 years now. So the citizens could be distracted from his money printing that has caused the dollar to collapse in value.  They are only doing this so that the government can look into every transaction ever done both publicly and privately. So that they can send out the hit squads if you were giving money to certain groups or people the Deep state doesn't like Fuck the fed Monero for life. 

Snowden is free

 After almost a decade of being under the threat of the US government for daring to expose to the people of its illegal spying operations. Edward Snowden has finally received Russian citizenship and now the deep state can no longer do shit anymore. JUST IN - Putin grants Edward Snowden Russian citizenship per decree. — (@disclosetv) September 26, 2022  its a shame this didn't happen sooner but i'm glad it did.  Of course some current thing shills are coping about this action because anything Russia does is automatically bad. and anyone who is pro Russia like Snowden who had to go there because he knew Putin wouldn't submit to the American deep state for his extradition.  will he be mobilized? — zeus ⚡️ (@z3u5s) September 26, 2022 Now send him to the front lines lmao — DT (@DT_Comms) September 26, 2022 The passport will be issued along with a draft notice. Epic! — Arcadiy Ivanov (@arcivanov) September 26, 2022 Russian law states that men between 18 and 27 have

fascism is left wing moment

Dinesh D'Souza a man who clearly is American as apple pie and a true conservative is back with grifting in the whole fascism is actually left wing crap. The conservative coalition just secured a victory in the Italian election and Giorgia Meloni will lead it as the prime minister of Italy.  This came after years of left wing current thing tyranny that was destroying Italy in the last 4 years. Italians voted for a nationalist government that wanted to put Italy first.  But of course Boomers and current thing shills are coping hard that Europeans are beginning to vote out EU shilling and Ukraine war mongers for a nationalist government. They saw what happened with Sweden and now Italy is the next domino to fall. Dinesh is using their victory to spew out his cringe beliefs on the world and get boomers and mainstream conservatives in America to not go down the route of Italy.  If, as we now hear, #Mussolini was right-wing, how to explain the effusive praise of him by left-wing intelle

Steven Crowder claims Vatican is communist

The grifter that keeps on grifting crypto tranny steven crowder back at it with another L take that could only exist because his bank account is funded by the establishment.  Surprise: The Pope hates democracy! I explain why the Vatican is a communist craphole. Also, Putin is threatening to bring us to nuclear war. And I hate to break the news to some of you libertarians, but your ideology doesn't work anymore. — Steven Crowder (@scrowder) September 21, 2022 He never learns does he? After getting backlash for that cringe he did a few days ago and now he is posting this blasphemy is how far he has fallen into the grift that is American conservative movement. Claiming the Church is communist is very dishonest. The church has spent decades promoting anti communism after seeing its effects on Christendom. But it doesn't matter to him since his pocket is full of Jewish lobby money. He is also a current thing supporter who wants the

the end of Northern Ireland?

I think the writing on the wall that Northern Ireland would eventually leave the UK and rejoin their compatriots with Ireland. Well now that maybe will come into forensischen since Catholics now outnumber protestants in the Region. I don't really care who owns it since both countries are woke dumpster fires. UK is eternally woke and will be a inevitable Brown country because all form of political dissident is hate speech. And Ireland is already becoming a dumping ground for thousands of Africans who are reeking havoc in the major cities. Britain first is of course concerned about this news since its pretty much a final vestige of Great Britain after the Queen died. Either way Northern Ireland is fucked no matter where it goes. The UK is going to make Royal navy ships dump migrants into Belfast for some cultural enrichment under tax payer expense. and pretty much the same thing if they reunify with Ireland.

its all so tiresome

 The mainstream right refuses to change and accept that 2017 is over and that pointing out dumb hypocrisies and "imagine if roles reversed" has never once helped us in the last 6 years against the left. Imagine if a white, 41-year-old MAGA Hat-Wearing Republican Activist chased down and ran over an 18-year-old with his car because he claimed the teen was part of a "Democrat Extremist Group" The Media would cover it non-stop. So why do they ignore the murder of Cayler Ellingson? — Charlie Kirk (@charliekirk11) September 21, 2022 If this is the best the conservative movement has to offer when it comes to race. Then we deserve to lose this election and every single after. Because this shit isn't helping us at all. It just makes the shills happy and the boomers laugh while watching Fox News.   Kirk and the other conservative inc shills are fine with doing this. Since once America fall into the toilet from mass immigration. They will just fly to Israel with all their

Blaze fires Elijah Shaffer

 I think i had a feeling this was going to happen to him. But i didn't think the reason Elijah being fired wasn't the thing we were expecting. But he is already casted out of Blaze for a dumb reason. Following an investigation regarding a recent personnel matter, Elijah Schaffer’s employment with Blaze Media has been terminated for violating company policies and standards. — BlazeTV (@BlazeTV) September 20, 2022 I doubt the reason they will be forced to give after the backlash would be anyway reasonable. The crime he has done according to them was associate with people that his company hates Nick Fuentes, AJ Willms, and so on. I mean blaze celebrated Dave Rubin and his "husband" take away 2 kids from a Surrogate mom and raise them in their house of sin  The question is that weather he finally leaves the Conservative inc grift and joins the dissident right. If he could show it to the people who backstabbed him and join their AF who actually support him or be independen

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