Why alt-hype


This came out of absolutely nowhere and is on the course of Alt-Hype going the Judas route. For some reason he's pushing this idea that Mike Enoch and NJP are somehow going to surpass Nick in terms of popularity. 

You don't need to be a historian bro to know that the idea that TRS and NJP being somehow bigger than Nick is a complete myth. For one 2017 is over and the environment of the dissident right that Enoch and TRS were flourishing in has moved on from these people into what Nick and Gab have been pushing. 2nd is that NJP and everyone affiliated with it are losers.

Reminder these are the people who Alt actually believes would overtake Nick. A half spic who sounds like a retard.

And a overweight man who has a Jewish wife.

I hope Alt-Hype sees through that this take is a really really really bad take that no one in the right mind would even think is a good take. If he goes down the Judas route because maybe he doesn't want Enoch to unfollow him on Telegram than so be it. Enjoy being irrelevant while Ye becomes the very thing y'all spent 60 years failing at.


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