there is just no hope left for the remaining anglosphere

 We all know Canada is eternally fucked with no chance of changing its destiny at all since its all now illegal. Meanwhile Australia and New Zealand are just becoming Canada and show no signs of being able to change.

An Australian girl who probably got groomed by her leftoid parents now identifies as a cat. And the school is accepting she now identifies as a fucking animal.

This is the price of staying in muh glorious British empire everybody. For all the Australians, Canadians, South Africans, New Zealanders, who were sent to die for Londons wars in Europe and Asia. This is what their future children would get in return and no chance of getting something else because its illegal to voice opposition to this in any of those countries.

Loyalists still unironically think they can somehow stop this, but the truth is that its mythical that they can somehow form a anglo nationalist movement in their own native lands since its pretty much illegal to even be a conservative in these countries unless you are a tory which is just a cucked party.

The only way forward for them to even be allowed to exist is just to be in America. Where there is a pathway to Nationalism because they never had to go through all the same shit that involves being a commonwealth realm with the British monarchy as head. We formed our own thing and it shows how we have a chance while they don't or could only get a small voting block.


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