Steven Crowder claims Vatican is communist

The grifter that keeps on grifting crypto tranny steven crowder back at it with another L take that could only exist because his bank account is funded by the establishment. 

He never learns does he? After getting backlash for that cringe he did a few days ago and now he is posting this blasphemy is how far he has fallen into the grift that is American conservative movement.

Claiming the Church is communist is very dishonest. The church has spent decades promoting anti communism after seeing its effects on Christendom. But it doesn't matter to him since his pocket is full of Jewish lobby money. He is also a current thing supporter who wants the west to destroy Russia for fighting back against the west because muh cold war.

This just another grift that he does because his donors want him to do it. He is only doing this because the pope is exposing the truth about Ukraine and how the west is trying to poke the bear with Russia so that they can have a reason for invading and installing a puppet government in Moscow. Which they could use to entrap Iran and cut off Syria from its main ally. 

The final cherry is him taking a shot at libertarians even though he is a libertarian in all but name and still is since he still pushes the free market everything and all workers benefits are bad because muh socialism narratives.


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