fascism is left wing moment

Dinesh D'Souza a man who clearly is American as apple pie and a true conservative is back with grifting in the whole fascism is actually left wing crap.

The conservative coalition just secured a victory in the Italian election and Giorgia Meloni will lead it as the prime minister of Italy. 

This came after years of left wing current thing tyranny that was destroying Italy in the last 4 years. Italians voted for a nationalist government that wanted to put Italy first. 

But of course Boomers and current thing shills are coping hard that Europeans are beginning to vote out EU shilling and Ukraine war mongers for a nationalist government. They saw what happened with Sweden and now Italy is the next domino to fall.

Dinesh is using their victory to spew out his cringe beliefs on the world and get boomers and mainstream conservatives in America to not go down the route of Italy. 

I have no words to say this guy is an absolute retard. And its a shame our immigration laws allowed him to come and exploit our country for his political grift. 


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