Snowden is free

 After almost a decade of being under the threat of the US government for daring to expose to the people of its illegal spying operations. Edward Snowden has finally received Russian citizenship and now the deep state can no longer do shit anymore.

 its a shame this didn't happen sooner but i'm glad it did. 

Of course some current thing shills are coping about this action because anything Russia does is automatically bad. and anyone who is pro Russia like Snowden who had to go there because he knew Putin wouldn't submit to the American deep state for his extradition. 

Russian law states that men between 18 and 27 have to be drafted into the Russian army or face jail time for draft dodging unless they get medical deferment. Also men who are under the one year conscription aren't deployed outside of Russia since of course they are conscripts who barley know how to be a soldier. And also Snowden is 39 so he not eligible to be drafted in the first place.

In the end i'm glad his nightmare is over. the deepstate and the current thing gang can cope all they want. While he gets to live out his days promoting privacy to the masses without the fear of being extradited by the great Satan for the crime of exposing its evils to the world.


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