the end of Northern Ireland?

I think the writing on the wall that Northern Ireland would eventually leave the UK and rejoin their compatriots with Ireland. Well now that maybe will come into forensischen since Catholics now outnumber protestants in the Region.

I don't really care who owns it since both countries are woke dumpster fires. UK is eternally woke and will be a inevitable Brown country because all form of political dissident is hate speech. And Ireland is already becoming a dumping ground for thousands of Africans who are reeking havoc in the major cities.

Britain first is of course concerned about this news since its pretty much a final vestige of Great Britain after the Queen died.

Either way Northern Ireland is fucked no matter where it goes. The UK is going to make Royal navy ships dump migrants into Belfast for some cultural enrichment under tax payer expense. and pretty much the same thing if they reunify with Ireland.


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