its all so tiresome

 The mainstream right refuses to change and accept that 2017 is over and that pointing out dumb hypocrisies and "imagine if roles reversed" has never once helped us in the last 6 years against the left.

If this is the best the conservative movement has to offer when it comes to race. Then we deserve to lose this election and every single after. Because this shit isn't helping us at all. It just makes the shills happy and the boomers laugh while watching Fox News. 

 Kirk and the other conservative inc shills are fine with doing this. Since once America fall into the toilet from mass immigration. They will just fly to Israel with all their riches while the gentiles are forced to be beaten and killed from the waves of immigrations which is fine to them as long as they are legal.

There is nothing we can do to convince him that these posts aren't doing anything since boomers and Zionists control his wallet. We need to stay our course and keep making victories since we are the ones who are out there getting people elected into congress while these guys sit behind their studios spouting nothingburgers and libertarian cringe.


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