Blaze fires Elijah Shaffer

 I think i had a feeling this was going to happen to him. But i didn't think the reason Elijah being fired wasn't the thing we were expecting. But he is already casted out of Blaze for a dumb reason.

I doubt the reason they will be forced to give after the backlash would be anyway reasonable. The crime he has done according to them was associate with people that his company hates Nick Fuentes, AJ Willms, and so on.

I mean blaze celebrated Dave Rubin and his "husband" take away 2 kids from a Surrogate mom and raise them in their house of sin 

The question is that weather he finally leaves the Conservative inc grift and joins the dissident right. If he could show it to the people who backstabbed him and join their AF who actually support him or be independent. Or is he going to sellout to another Conservative inc group and continue the same shit again because he doesn't want to give up endless free money from big Conservative donors.

All i can say is Good luck Elijah Shaffer hope your career can finally truly prosper and push for a real conservative message without the fear of donors ruining your life.


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