Anti Nick Fuentes Derangement syndrome moment

 With Nick Fuentes becoming a driving force in the conservative movement to the point where the entire GOP knows about him. Con inc shills are trying to keep him and his sphere of influence away from voters and the think tanks. Because his America First narrative will see the end of Zionism, Minority pandering, Forever wars for legal buttsex in Muslim countries, rapprochement with Syria, Russia, Iran, and others that the Israel lobby and UN claim to be bad guys, and so on.

So i think this guy was a candidate and is now disavowing Trump because of his fear that he wouldn't disavow Nick Fuentes. So now he jumped on the never Trumper bandwagon because god forbid Trump might not disavow someone he doesn't even know. Because Trump never knows about who Nick is or his movements activities.

This guy is a loser and a waste of space for the GOP. the neocon never trumpers are done because it has shown that their way hasn't worked in the last 60 years. while America First is a chance for the GOP to finally become a driving force against left.

It won't be long until Trump is aware of Nick and one the times comes there is a chance he might even talk about him and his movement in a positive light or even avow him. 


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