How are they still part of this

 It is actually a legit question to people who are still members of the Patriot Front even after all the L's they have gotten this year alone. From all of their information now being publicly displayed and their own leader along with 30 members get arrested now can be charged for the crimes that they posted of themselves doing on the public mega server.

But the members still are apart of it even though their entire lives are risked of being ruined for hate crimes that will be filed for the vandalism they uploaded of themselves doing. 

High chance that the guys who were arrested in that police trap in Idaho are there and Rosseau is also leading it. 

These guys need to drop this movement and enter hiding as quick as possible because with the Idaho incident the Brandon Feds can probably label them as a terrorist group. And thanks to the open mega server they can just track these guys very easily.

This is apparent with groups like Patriot Front and other wignat groups or parties. Even after everyone knows who their members are and their information. They are still being part of it even though their lives are at risk of being destroyed forever from either being socially isolated or being bullied by the FEDS until they are able to arrest you.

Their shills complain about AF saying having membership in these groups is a bad thing. even though AF members are the saftest from being doxxed because there is no membership requirement to join. The only times where you can be doxxed is if someone recognize you at a AF event or the financial information of Ticket sales gets leaked and shows your bank account information. 

Once these guys post about how they regret ever joining this years from now. I won't show sympathy since they saw all the other groups like them fail in the exact same way. But decided to join it anyway and look what will happen to their fellow members in the following years.


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