State of the movement was a complete Diaster


I mean who isn't shocked that the conference was a train wreck. Their entire organization is to spread a knockoff of America First except a little less dissident so they can still be on Twitter and YouTube. 

All the problems i thought would happen at this event were there and here is some of them

  1. Audio problems
  2. stealing AF slogans and chants
  3. knocking off everything about AFPAC
  4. Camera pooping out mid livestream
  5. No music during BRB
  6. and much more

Remember these are the same niggas who failed to align their poster probably. Having a properly edited poster is important for optics. But this is AV and their entire strategy is to shamelessly knock off what AF does, but worse so they uploaded a badly edited poster.

here is the problem when you put it on Adobe 

They even fucked up the concept of mystery speakers since they revealed them before the conference even started. Mat Heilmans didn't even have a speech. It was just a video that they made with bits of him talking.

American virtue is a waste of a movement. Its designed to take away manpower from AF. And it already has done that by making Red Eagle Politics and Carson Wolf distance themselves from the movement in the span of months.

No wounder Judas likes them now.


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