this is just sad

Yesterday was Canada day. Most people didn't care because there is absolutely no reason to celebrate the Country anymore after seeing what has become of it in the last 2 years. And any solution to fix it is pretty much outlawed for being far right hate speech. 

Canadians have to cope with the fact that their entire culture and way of living is just ours. That they either hold on to the fact they burned down DC in 1814. Or their shitty public healthcare system that is so trash that thousands of Canadians cross into our country every year to get cheaper and quicker treatment than what they get in Canada.

Twitter Checkmark Brittlestar Made a Canada Day video where is just America dumb and Canada big brain. 

The amount of coping when this Canuck is boasting about muh free healthcare and muh benefits is astounding. Canada is facing a giant demographic change that will see White Canadians as him be less than 20 percent of the population in 50 years. And the fact that any resistance to what Trudeau or the Canadian establishment will give you jail time for either hate speech or insurrection. 

Hell even their Tories are just Trudeau shills. Erin o'toole was a fucking leftist for petes sake and tory voters still voted for him as party leader all because he wanted CANZUK to be a reality.

Canada is on a downward spiral and there is nothing that we can do at this point. The only part of it that will live on is Quebec which will eventually secede from Canada and form their own Nationalist government. Everything else will become multicultural hell that no amount of PPC mp's will fix. 

Its saddening that all these Canadian conservatives still try their darndest to try to make a W in a country where having actual conservatives is nonexistent. I can see why Tyler Russel has given up on saving Canada.

It was fun while it lasted now its either move to the US and then build a northern wall to keep the neo Canadians out from invading the plains region. Or fight to the bitter end where Multiracial mobs will kill you for being Conservative along with your whole family for being White.


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