"Based" Desantis out with another hot take

 Based hero Ron Desantis back at it with another steamy hot take that is making the alphabet soup people cry in pain. Its that men cannot get pregnant 

This totally original take and not just a rebrand of the whole there are only 2 genders meme from 2015 is taking the conservative world by storm and shows that Drumpf is finished and Desantis is going to rain over the GOP.

Nah just kidding this whole narrative isn't helping us as conservatives because these people are still fine with normal homosexuality, But stuff like Trans brainwashing and men get pregnant is going to far and it makes you a evil far right bigot even though the alphabet soup community is all hellbent on destroying heterosexuality.

The only way we can end the gay agenda is we destroy the normalization of non straight people entirely. Make them scared to come out of the closet as they did back in the 1950s. That is the only way we can beat drag queen story time and birthing people.

the problem is that Peter Theil and Lolbertarian groups have our movement by the balls and have to force them to accept gays as conservatives or lose their slushfunds. They don't want them to conserve anything that isn't tax policy or GDP.

Until we finally accept that homosexuality in general is evil. The gay agenda will only get worse until it becomes completely normalized in every school in the country along with all the insane parts of it.



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