Alex Jones sham trial

it has been almost 10 years since Sandy Hook and 10 years since the time Alex Jones made the comment that the shooting was a hoax. And here we are 10 years later after the shooting and when he said it and the parents are suing him for everything he has because they claimed they had a "living hell" over comments made years ago.

I doubt any claims from the parents that they were harassed by people who believed it to be a hoax. high chance the "harassment" never even happened in the first place. 

But it doesn't matter Alex Jones must pay millions of dollars because they want to destroy his organization finically after all the attempts of DE platforming and Jan 6 failed to take him down.

The trial itself was entirely rigged against him. The Judge was a leftist and anything he brought up to help his case was sabotaged against him.

The trial is over and now Infowars had a huge blow finically. Mysteriously they decided to go through with this after Infowars got a gigantic Bitcoin donation for their money drive to support the network.

The best thing we can do is support the Infowar by finical means. Try to donate as much as you can because this 4.1 million dollars is going to destroy him and probably make them shut down the network he spent over 3 decades building.

here are some ways to donate to Infowars.


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