subprime mortgage crisis sequel

 We all what happened with the subprime mortgage crisis back in 2007. The financial sector fooled millions of people with bad credit to buy homes with higher interest rates so the bad loans can be turned into securities which resulted into the shitshow we still suffer the long term effects of.

Well now we might see its long awaited sequel because this woke action from Bank of America.

Yeah i totally do not see this backfiring hard or end up causing a crisis because they are giving a bunch of bad loans they know they won't be payed back since the target audience are poor minorities who couldn't afford anything outside section 8 ghetto blocks.

they can't accept that the black community is forever unable to afford houses when they can't even make their section 8 apartments into a livable environment. So they give them this while White home owners are forced to deal with interest and down payments as the price tag itself keeps rising.

When the stocks go to shit and the banks begin to fail because they are giving out these bad loans. They are just going to blame the White man in the end.


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