Cheney still won't go away

 Dick Cheney just needs to leave this mortal realm once and for all. The evil and destruction he has caused during his lifetime is even greater than Regan and George W Bush. Without him the world would legitimately be a better place. But no the country is cursed with him and his family for generations more.

Of course this video was made to brainwash GOP voters into returning the Party back to the Neocon status quo. The same status quo that helped him and the bush family achieve political office in the first place.

He knows that Trumpism and Christian nationalism which is taking over the GOP means Neoconservatism and endless wars and other stuff he supports will come to an end. So he and along with the mainstream right are trying their darndest to remove Trump from influencing the voter base.

He knows his time is running out so he wants to cause much destruction to the country as he can before he eventually dies from next heart attack.

Fuck Dick Cheney he is going to regret everything he has done once he dies and God sends down to the pits of hell for all eternity along with all his skull and bones friends.


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