hello hypocrisy department

 Remember when Ben Shapiro railed on Nick because he plays Video games. Well now the seriousbro who wouldn't stand to talk to someone that plays GTA V and jokes about how an NPC is him is now a gamer.

Con inc is known for their hatred of gamers and especially when they find out their opponents are gamers. They smear them as if its a bad thing and how Gamers are just losers who are fat and Racist. But if you're a tiktok degenerate or a pornstar you are taken seriously by these people and given a platform.

Gamers have it much worse than any other form of entertainment. They are attacked by the left for being Racist, Sexist, Homophobic, Xenophobic because of some clip of a lobby clip on Cod back in 2011. And attacked by the right for being gateways to violence even though zero evidence proves that gaming is linked to violence.

you can either be for and against the idea of people playing video games. Dissing someone as bad because they made a joke on GTA V then and start a cookie cutter letsplay series on Minecraft is hypocritical.


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