I knew this would happen

I think i always knew Truth was going to be rejected from Google. I mean they have Trump and a few people the ADL and other hit piece sites they use to select who gets to be deplatformed are on there. So they rejected their android app offer under the dumb claims of "lack of moderation" and other crap.

These faux free speech platforms are just getting more and more laughable on how they claim to stand up for Freedom of speech. Only to then cry about how Amazon stopped hosting them and how Apple and Android rejected their app offer. All they do is steal the spotlight away from Gab which is a actual free speech platform. 

The thing is that Truth doesn't need googles approval to get their platform in a app form on Android. Android is different than IOS since they allow people to make Android programs that you use non app store programs on their phone. Parler does this with hosting an APK file that users can download from their website. Grant it this method means you gotta delete and redownload the new version since having non app store stuff means no automatic updates. But it works and is probably Googles biggest enemy since they tried to keep them off their platform only to allow a feature that helps Parler keep their app on there.

I know Truth isn't going to do that since their audience probably aren't the most tech savvy people on this planet. They probably have to call their zoomer kids to fix any tech probablem they have. And also, having a former congressman be the CEO probably doesn't pan out well. They are getting sued for 1.6 million dollars for unpaid dues to a company they hired out.

In the end if you want true free speech get on gab. They have experienced far more in terms of hardship trying to get a legit free speech site on the internet. If you want to start your own thing go ahead. But mind if you complain on the road how your amazon cloud was taken or Apple and Google rejected you. We will laugh at you.


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