Man tracks down doctor after his family member dies from the coof shot

 We all know everyone who is taking the coof and still is taking the 6 months boosters are beginning to drop like flies. Its rare that someone to actually go after their doctor who gave their friends or family members the coof shot and enact revenge after it killed said friend or family member.

But this guy gave was lied by the Coof narrative that the vax is fine and it ended up with one of family members dying of it. And his response was to destroy the car with the doctor inside the car.

original tweet

Even though i do laugh when covid cucks shill for the vax only for them to get all sorts of health problems after. I do feel bad for him because he got dooped into lies and now he lost a family member forever. He is gonna live with the fact he had a hand in the death of a family member.

All doctors who shilled for the vax or administered it should be stripped of their medical license and be forced to pay restitution to victims who now have permanent side effects or died from the vax.


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