timeline of the sussy posting on Gab

 July 28, 2022 Napoleon Groyper posts gore images on the gabline. Some people were not liking that their timeline had some ones head blown off and tried to become jannies against Napoleon.

The Next day say Husker begin posting ironic gay posts. in he following days the timeline got the most active it has ever been in months with ironic sussy posts appearing every few seconds. Groyper S Patton and Orange Suit Groyper entered hiatus as a result to get away from the sus.

Napoleon made a fake Groyper S. Patton account where he would tag random people who voiced concern with him posting stuff they are unconfirmable with with rule 34. This begins the era of posting NSFW JarJar binks.

Husker meanwhile was making weird posts involving Ahoska from clone wars.

A few weeks pass until Martyr took the irony posting to a whole new level. He baited Torba himself with a Steve Franssen copypasta and then replaced with a NSFW Jar Jar binks image. This shocked the gabline since he did the ultimate troll. His account got frozen the next day.


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