returning to Twitter

Nick has been banned from Twitter for almost a year along with many supporters of the AF movement apart from Jon Miller and Ethan Ralph who managed to survive every ban wave this site has done. and the remaining remnants that avoided getting banned eventually did during the branflakes genocide during December 2021 where the last Groypers were forced to sail to Gab to rejoin their compatriots who moved there long ago.

for a while it seemed that going back to Twitter is a lost cause after Jack Dorsey left and was replaced with that Indian Guy. it even got to a point where TikTok had more free speech than Twitter. 

That is until Elon fought back against the woke staff at Twitter and is now trying to buy the company as a whole. this gave us a hope we could return to the place that has banished us long ago. so we created accounts and hopped back on. only for reality to hit us like a freight train and we all got banned again. funnily enough i was banned on the exact day that Elon announced he bought twitter

so we decided to use Text Verify to circumvent our ban evasions and the results varied between if you knew what you are doing. If you followed Nick correctly you were back online. if you messed up like not changing your IP address when making it the ISP ban would get you before you were able to select your Profile pic.

Despite multiple banning's, Nick is still determined to be on the platform and get his side of the story to Twitter. where most of his currents haters reside and spread lies about him created by Kiwifarms and ex Groypers who are mad that Nick threw them out for being the snakes they are.

Nick's war to be on the platform continues with them banning him with each time being quicker than the last. but in end if Elon fails and Twitter begins its ban wave of retribution. there will always be Gab to return to. where we know we will never get banned for anything on that platform.


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