"United" Methodist church is no more

 The writing was on the wall for when this "united" protestant church would eventually break up because of political differences. And it seems for the Methodist church it is already starting to break up into difference churches.

This was bound to happen since all of America's Protestant churches. which for since the founding till around the 1980s that have been the bedrock of Christianity of America. Have been destroying their own futures by selling out secular leftists in order to appear woke and progressive. This leads to their membership declining over the years because most of their members aren't liberal and don't want their faith to raise gay flags and talk about how Jesus was a anarchist black person and how all White people are going to hell because stuff happened 200 years ago.

This is even more prevalent in Churches that have been united under one. The united church of Canada which was founded in 1925 is regarded as the wokest church in the world. it was the church protestant church to have women priests in 1948. and also allows a proclaimed atheist as a pastor. funnily enough the church also was founded by Methodists.

Another problem with protestants trying to form these united churches is that they believe in the teachings made by Martin Luther, John Calvin, and others from the protestant reformation. The same stuff that caused Protestantism to be broken up into all these denominations we see today.

I wish the best for the Methodists that are leaving the LGBT cringe and leftism that has infested the United Methodist Church. And form their own Church that reflects their denominations actual values and theology.

But if we want a true united Church the only 2 Churches in my opinion that will work in united all Christians are the Catholic and Orthodox churches. Those are the 2 only ways i can see where we can get all Christians to be united in their belief of Jesus Christ and the Bible.


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