Grifter Barnes hates Gab

Robert Barnes. the fat Zionist Grifter who still can't let go that he got humiliated with his debate with Nick Fuentes has been on a constant downward spiral after that.  

He now hates Gab because of the usual cringe reasons he has. Claims of Porn being on the site. allowing anti Zionism and the fact he can't grift the dissident right on there because he would get ratioed.

1. Gab has a porn ban which is so effective that it prevented a Liberal troll brigade to mass post porn on the site months ago. so this claim is Fake News 

2. This man is more angry over the fact that Gab allows anti Zionism on the site rather than the fact it has anti-Semites. He loves Israel and believes that in the whole Islamofascism bullshit that if we don't give Israel all this special treatment that we don't even give to our actual allies like Australia, UK, Canada, etc. then the evil Hezbollah and Hamas will destroy the west because they want to reclaim their homeland that was stolen from them by the UN in 1947.

3. Is just ironic since he's entire career was piggybacking on defending people when the political situation depended on it. When the Covington kids were being targeted he swooped in to be their defender only for that lawsuit to be dismissed. He rushed to try to be part of Kyle Rittenhouse's defense team when he was in hot water for Kenosha. and then jumping in to be the lawyer for that guy who claimed Don Lemon assaulted him. Only for him to admit he lied about it.

This fraud can just fuck off to Twitter. he was never with us. he played the dissident right like a fiddle and bailed out when he got a reality check from the actual dissident right after being destroyed in the Nick Fuentes debate.


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