Northwest wignat thinks Hinduism is Aryan

Yeah i don't wignats will ever truly be taken seriously when they don't even follow their basic beliefs. This wignat thinks that Hinduism is somehow Aryan and a White religion.

There are so much problems with believing in the Aryan stuff and this. For one this guy runs a group that advocates a violent war to make the northwestern republic a reality. A country that will be based on Nazi ideology. And last time i checked Natsocs didn't believe Indians had anything to do with the blonde hair blue eye Aryans.

And another is that he believes Hinduism is actually a good thing in the first place. I mean come on that religion makes people believe that cow shit cures covid. And also you are worshipping false gods when you practice Hinduism. 

I am just gonna stick with promoting traditional Christianity. something that will truly help us RETVRN unlike worshipping demonic gods and trying to bring back Nazism. despite the fact Nazism is a German nationalist ideology and not a universal pro White ideology. 


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