Wignats will never learn

 Wignats are still stuck in 2017 where we must form all these groups and movements in order to recreate the 4th reich. and no matter how many times these types of groups fail. they keep trying again only for it to lead to the same outcome. add in their national socialism or neofascism or bust because anything less than that to them is cucking.

now they are back in full Force with another failed demonstration on Juneteenth that somehow is more pathetic than Patriot front.

Reminder that these types of people were making the state government of Virginia shit their pants back in Charlottesville. now they are just giant laughing stocks.

What's worse is that they think they are better than AF and the Groypers. a dissident right wing group that is actually making progress in this country in shifting the conservative base in America further to the right. 

they key is that AF promotes the traditional America instead of larping as Nazi Germany. And also promoting Christ is king and not Neopagan bodybuilding crap. 

These guys can just keep failing. They refuse to accept reality that AF is winning while they are loosing and also helping our enemies by taking young dissident White men into these groups and destroy their lives once their identify gets doxxed to the world.


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