Yes it is Donald Trumps victory

 Never Trumper news source the National Review. A place that reeks of anti Trump GOP shilling. Is making the dumb argument that Roe v Wade being overturned isn't a Trump accomplishment.

This claim is bullshit since without Trump the supreme court justices that were instrumental that the demonic ruling from 1973 being overturned wouldn't be there in the first place. Because in a alternative reality where the never Trumpers who shilled for CIA asset McMullin got their way then Hillary Clinton would be president and this wouldn't have happened. Even worse the 3 justices that Clinton would had picked would be used to strike down abortion restrictions left and right leading to abortion probably being legal up to 9 months by the end of her 2nd term.

Trump was the only guy who promised in 2016 that he would end Roe v Wade and delivered on it even cramming in Barrett despite all opposition from RBG shills and the Democratic party that the overturn would be inevitable. Meanwhile Desantis is cucking with a 15 week abortion limit. Which is 9 weeks longer than the abortion law that Greg Abbott passed. 

So yeah o7 to Trump for being the most pro-life president in history. I am back on the Trump train for 2024. There is no one else at this point i would vote in 2024 Republican over the God Emperor himself.


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