I still can't believe that this whole anti socialism crap is still around in the GOP even though its no longer 2019. even if they can do some good we gotta fight to the death to prevent it because comrade Bernie wants more spending programs.

Mississippi Candidate Michael Guest is going after rival Michael Cassidy because he recommends that the government should give 20,000 thousand dollars to newly wed couples. so they can use it to start their new life as a married couple.

reminder that this guy would rather spend money on things that don't help the American people like money for the Ukraine war effort. but when it comes to proposals that would help the people he complains about it.

this isn't 2019 anymore we need to change our policy when it comes to the government helping out the people. Lolbertarian minded people like Guest thinks we live in a time where the average joe can pullup his bootstraps and make a living. while sorry to break it to you, but we don't live in that world since these free trade hyper capitalists took that away from us. 

so cheers to Michael Cassidy if he is able to primary this joke out of office.


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