There is no appeasing these people

 Conservative inc since 2016 has been trying to making Homosexuality normal in the conservative movement. as in we shouldn't rally against them and their lifestyle. instead we should accept log cabin republicans and also MUH PRIVACY IN THEIR OWN HOME when the topic of sodomy is addressed. 

One giant problem is that the Alphabet soup community hates straight people and the fact that Heterosexual relationships are the default relationship. So they want to do everything they can into changing the culture into making themselves more normalized and make Straight people as evil oppressors because we call them out on them brainwashing children. 

Japan's supreme court has reaffirmed that the ban on Gay marriage is still constitutional. and the response from these people the fake right wants us to accept is the same story.

The funny thing about this is that he is complaining about right wing boomers. but if he went to Japan and saw the politics of the 20-30 year old's. he would retract that statement very quickly.

But anyway this is the group conservative inc wants us to stop being against them. because of the dumb working class populism crap pushed by Steve Bannon and populist inc that now the mainstream right is now using to explain why stuff like them worshipping the log cabin republicans is actually a good thing.

I am grateful the Texas GOP is no longer accepting this LGBT appeasement and accepted that these people are a threat and we should be against them and their push to denormalize heterosexuality 


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