No Gorkha Ukraine isn't the American revolution

 One argument that Neocons use in order to justify either spending more of your money along with deficit money on (((Moderate))) rebels to give them guns and equipment or a no fly zone. Is because these rebels are fighting for the same values as we did back in the American Revolution.

This claim is obviously untrue and CIA propaganda to get you to vote for more war in the middle east. But it doesn't stop them from claiming Syrian rebels or the fake Ukraine government are fighting the same reasons as we did.

When Gorka isn't complaining about Nick Fuentes he is shilling for you to keep supporting Ukraine against the evil bad Russia. and these guys just want their country to be free by selling it out to NATO and the EU ensuring they will never an true independent government until the end of time because like with the rest of EU members their leaders are just puppets for the EU commission.

And also if your group are considered Freedom fighters from the UN, NATO, Department of defense, any crime agency in America or the EU, or from the west in general. 99.9% chance its a CIA funded group that is used to destabilize any dictator that doesn't want to sell their country out to the west. They did this with Syria where the western governments claimed the moderate rebels were freedom fighters. Only to turn ou they are actually corrupt jihadists and also helped ISIS take over 3/4 of Syria. 

Its funny that Con inc is claiming to be against evil Brandon and his policies that are destroying America. But when it comes to Biden trying to get America into another useless fucking war. They bootlick it and even help the Dems make it a reality. Because its better to have a country become a lawless terrorist hotspot then oh my god. Trying to make a rapprochement with Syria, Russia, Iran, North Korea, etc.

We were able to make friendly relations with Vietnam in 1995 despite all the stuff we did to the country during the Vietnam war. Which was pushed by McCain and other Neocons who would push to invade all these foreign countries after Bush was in office. So why can't the US government open up relations with Assad and the other countries?

Is it because these Dictators are really that horrible that we need to diverge our tax money and manpower to stop them. Or is our government controlled by globalists who want to destroy all the enemies of the NWO under the pretense that they want MUH FREEDUM AND MUH LEGAL BUTTSEX?


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