Rino Cornyn booed for supporting cringe Gun Control

 I think one of the biggest regrets in my life was believing in the whole elect a bro crap where we had to elect these rinos into power because we can't let Schumer become the majority leader. it wasn't until i got the true redpill after stop the steal that i realized most the GOP house and state politicians were Rinos and all the GOP senators were RINOS.

It's already too late to ditch these people since most the Republican voter base took until now to realize how truly bad our senators are. with them now supporting gun control and red flags laws. something that back in 2018 and 2019 were claiming to be against.

John Cornyn a guy who is known for being a Rino and a joke got booed at Texas GOP convention because he supports laws that are designed to take away citizens guns for fears they might do something bad with it. but in reality its just to take away guns from people who are political enamines to the American Regime.

reminder he is supporting something that the left wants to use to disarm proud Patriots of their firearms so they can't resist their globalist tyranny. any proposed law and current signed law was intended to disarm Americans under the claims to stop killings. 

what's sad is that his support for gun control probably won't be relevant for his reelection campaign in 2026 and even if it does along with all the Concessions he has done to the Democrats in the senate. Senators no matter how bad they are won't be able to be lose their primary since they are protected by the GOP influencers and sadly Donald Trump who continues to endorses most of these Rino senators because they are going to win regardless.

but hey maybe a miracle might happen and he finally loses his primary for being the shitty senator he is and be replaced with someone who might actually be conservative and not make concessions to the left.


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