Trump or Desantis

ever since last year the GOP establishment and some Dissident figures are in a fight over who should be the new leader of leader of the Conservative movement ever since Trump had his throne taken away due to the stolen election. that if the movement should either continue with Donald Trump to 2024 or throw him out for someone else.

one of those choices is Ron Desantis. the current governor of Florida who has seen national attention for doing some based things. like being the first governor to defy the covid narrative coming from Fauci and the NWO. which wanted martial law and segregation of the vaccinated and unvaccinated. and also for him making the alphabet soup community big mad over banning LGBT propaganda for kindergarten to 4th grade. and also for a 15 week abortion limit.

some people take this as an example on why he is presidential material. because if he does these based things that Trump isn't really talking about as much and also for being more against the covid narrative than Trump. then he would be like that in the White House.

problem is that Desantis isn't the based gigachad that the conservative inc media and ex Trump doomers are making out to be. One is that he was in congress before becoming governor of Florida and during that time he was a normie con who didn't do anything he is now doing as governor when he was a house member. and once he returns to the White house all he is going to be is another Bush presidency. 

another Issue is that Desantis is still part of the Israel lobby. And it might be hypocritical since Trump was also pro Israel and was supported by the Israel lobby, but that was when Shelden Adelson was alive, Jared Kushner had a advisory job with Trump and also the fact that Bibi Netanyahu was Prime minister which was the peak of pro Zionism in the GOP. now that Adelson is dead and Kushner has announced he is retiring from politics to return to being Patrick Bateman. and also Bibi is out of power and the fact that the Israel lobby now has pretty much dumped Trump after his presidency since he is no longer of use to them.

Desantis meanwhile has all the backing of the Israel lobby. His first act as governor was to fly to Israel and sign a law that bans anti-Semitism and also was anti Ben and Jerry's. 

another issues i have with him is that all the pushing for him or someone else to be the Republican candidate for 2024 is from all the conservative inc organizations that backstabbed Trump after calling for republicans to stop the steal after spending his entire first term claiming to support him. some of them even go further and call for Nikki Hailey or Glenn Youngkin to run instead of Trump.

One big pro for Trump is that despite his lows he is the only Republican that can somehow turn it around for the better. 2019 was Trump's all time low. it was so low that even some of his strongest supporters were distancing himself from him in favor of Yang until his campaign collapsed. then in 2020 he got rid of all the problematic people and replaced them with good people and also enacted border policies during covid that resulted to immigration both legal and illegal to drop to a all time low. Legal immigration was reduced 92% in 2020. In 2021 Trump got a lot of backlash from his dissident base for not talking about Jan 6 political prisoners for the entire year and also his support for Vaccines. then in 2022 his messaging shifted to talking about Jan 6 prisoners and Scaling back his shilling for the vaccine.

I think the conclusion is that Desantis should just stay in Florida state politics where he is at his best. the Record shows that state politicians are better than the ones in DC. And Trump is the only good choice for 2024 since almost everyone else is a Rino that is going to be used to dismantle the America First candidates and politicians that have been vindicated since Trump took office. 


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