well that was uneventful

 Truth Social for the better words is a dying website. Founded as another faux Free speech site that takes away Conservative netizens from the actual free speech site Gab. it has AI that bans people for being too based on their platform.

i mean they said it was founded as a place where all people of the spectrum will be able to voice their opinion freely. but as of now not a single left wing person has joined the platform because they don't need to since their opinions won't get them in trouble with the staff at Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and all mainstream social media sites.

Well 2 days ago California governor Gavin Newsom joined Truth Social because he deicded to go on this crusade against the evil right wing lies

his announcement on Twitter 

of  Course his first act was to push the lie that the GOP is responsible for the crime problems in Red states because muh GOP bad. and Democrats are good because its the party of caring to help criminals.

of course this claim is complete bullshit since the only reason some states have high murder and crime rates is due to the fact that these cities have some of the most violent crime in America. it has nothing to do with the GOP. it more has to do with them being unfortunate to have cities that are infested with ghettos that cause the cities to become crime ridden shitholes.

and as expected the guy got ratioed hard on Truth

this is probably the last time we will see truth be on the mainstream attention since its announcement and release before it becomes a nothing burger and loses traffic again just like with what happened to Parler and Gettr.


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