Pro-Life won

After 49 years of fighting for the unborn. The Pro-Life movement has finally achieved our biggest goal ever since the beginning. Roe v Wade has been overturned.

Over half the country now has the ability to ban abortion entirely from their states. Saving future children from being snubbed out because some Bitch said killing it was their right as a woman. Hoes across America are now big mad that we finally did it. 

And wignats are also seething about this since the fact that more minority kids are being born. Despite the fact that White babies are the biggest victim of abortions. And also if they get their way in abortion White women are just gonna snub out even more White babies since White women are still self hating White people who will kill their unborn babies if it meant that less White people will exist.

There are so many people i can thank for the 49 years of hard work that lead to this moment. But i would primarily thank the supreme court justices Clarence Thomas, Samuel Alito, Amy Barret, Neil Gorsuch, for not cucking on this decision after the leak. And i also thank Donald Trump for selecting these people for the job. If never Trumpers got their way then abortion would still be around. And God for being on our side and giving us a reason to fight for the right of the unborn to have a chance of life on this planet.

Millions of Women and foreign leaders are coping right now and that is fine by me. Because it shows we have God on our side. And shows that Satan is on their side. The church of Satan claiming abortion is part of their faith. And the Jews are crying about how banning abortion is negative to women's health.

2022 is /ouryear/ and the left isn't going to change that. We already won Twitter and Concealed carry and now we won the abortion argument.


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