Bruh what is that

 Juneteenth already has a great start with replacing a historic statue with some garbage modern art piece in the name of "Black Progress"

this....... thing....... was the thing that replaced the statue of General Beauregard at Equestrian Statue in New Orleans. 

The statue before it was taken down

At this point i am done fighting for these monuments and statues in these cities since its a lost cause since all of our cities are controlled by minorities. White people left these cities decades ago and left the architecture, Monuments, and statues to be left behind in these cities in which they are getting vandalized by graffiti or gangs or torn down because the black mayor or self hating white mayor said its MUH RACIST.

the silver lining is that most of the responses from the Twitter post of the mayor of New Orleans calling it "breathtaking" are roasting the hell out of it. because even they know that this modern art display is complete garbage. 


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