Q is back

 You guys remember Qanon right? That controlled opposition plant that was made to sway boomers and low informed republicans away from American nationalism. in favor of this random 4chan then later 8chan account that said that Trump was engaging in some secret war with Globalists pedophiles. 

Well after being gone for a year and a half. Q has returned to be controlled opposition once again.

They think that they can pull this crap again. But the problem is that most of the base that used to be Q no longer associates with it anymore. And most people are becoming Nationalists in AF or being some wignat. Qanon hasn't been relevant since early 2021.

They see that this is happening where everyone is becoming Groypers and are now trying to revive the Q WWG1WGA crap back from the dead. Which would take away people from us and make them into some crackpots.

Q is not your friend and he isn't a Whistleblower who is exposing some Global pedo group that our savior Donald Trump is going to stop if you Trust his plan. He is some glowie plant made to fool you into joining some fake movement so you don't join actual conservative movements.


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