Alex Jones verdict comes in

The sham trial has finally ended and the results are something that shocked even me when i first saw it. The parents want almost 1 Billion dollars from Alex over comments he made 10 years ago.

This country sucks bro. Blacks who murder White people in cold blood can get with bail or off the hook. But a man has to pay 950 Million over stuff he said on his show. 

They want Alex to go bankrupt. The cancellation failed. The fake accusation against him failed.  deplatforming from the mainstream space also failed in trying to stop him. They are now trying to sue him for 100 times than he has so that he can't rebuild his platform ever again.

Of course swamp monsters are celebrating this sham trial that would considered be outlandish long ago.

Praying for Alex Jones. I'm with him until the end no matter what happens. 


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