EU coping over the chief twit

 Europe is coping that the Woke Indians are thrown out of Twitter by the 2nd greatest African American of all time. 

They are worried since anti EU truth bombs are going to spread on the platform as well as the reality of how Europe is falling apart in supporting the globalist shithole of Ukraine.

He's coping by posting a video with a 5 month old video saying Musk would apply with EU rules.

This doesn't matter since the EU can already fine or imprison you for posting mean tweets for years. And now that the censorship is gone foreigners can spread narratives to Europeans. And they can't extradite Americans who making mean tweets or supporting Russia on the Musk Twitter. 

Musk probably doesn't care since he's speed ahead on his mission to make Twitter fun. I mean if you were threatened by a guy who works for a globalist government who is making their own people freeze to death over Ukraine. I too wouldn't be scared on what they think.

Europoors can take the L.


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