Truth is back on the Playstore

 Months ago Google rejected Truth social from their Appstore because they said there wasn't enough moderation for their censorship needs. And now all of a sudden they changed their mind and its now back on the Appstore.

Any social media on these Appstore's are not free speech. And plus The Truth app isn't even a real App its just a web app that you can download through brave. 

I'm still gonna use truth since it feels like Twitter but they will eventually cave later on into banning people for edgy memes or the ADL doesn't like them. 

They already have an AI  that will delete posts and ban people for posting bad things on their "free speech" site which is the same AI that is used by silicon valley to ban people. 

So in the end Truth is just a honeypot site like with Gettr, Minds, MEWE, and post Matze Parler. The difference is that its backed by the man himself so there is no way to get people to join Gab which is a legit Free speech site.


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