Its not your country silly woman

One of the great coping a person could achieve is move to someone else's country and then complain when the native resident's don't want you There because immigrants are causing big problems there with crime, rape, terrorism, and cultural Degeneration.

Kat Zhou a Woman who's as Swedish as PewDiePie is angry that the Swedish youth is adopting a anti immigrant stance and surprise don't want people like her in their country at all.

This whole thread is a giant cope. She went to Europe expecting it would be this multicultural left wing paradise that certain people claim it is only to turn out that Europeans really hate American migrants. And then go on Twitter to cry about how Europeans aren't cucks. 

The Chinese shills who dickride Xi and Twitter lefties quickly ran to this thread and posted anti White cringe and enabling to her cope.


There was also a lot of clowning to this silly woman.

She will never be Swedish she is jus a immigrant who is causing more problems to the host country by promoting its cultural and racial extinction from the mass immigration of brown people.

Cheers to Sweden for finally turning on the mass immigration lie and pushing for these criminals to be thrown out. 


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