black homicide still getting worse

It was fun times when we made black Twitter accounts cry when we bring out the FBI crime statistics and 13/52. 

Well the most recent Crime statistics came and a surprise to no one it has only gotten worse as time goes on.

Yep Black friendly fire has reached to 60% mark. despite now being 12% of the population. 

Worse is that people still call these reports fake even though they believed everything the government reports except the FBI crime statistics report because it shows Blacks are the majority offenders and victims.

Boomers won't care since they want these people who are killing everyone to not be stigmatized for having a murder problem because some commie who beat up prostitutes said we must integrate. 

Unless a major crackdown on black crime and the ghettos happen this is only to get worse and eventually the killing moves on to White people after they kill so many Black people in their ghetto Communities that they weren't be anymore to kill so they move on and start killing White people.


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