I think its over Bolsonaro bros

 Its been a day since the stolen election in Brazil. There was some hope that the real winner of the election Jair Bolsonaro would fight against the results and keep Lula out of office. Well now it looks like that isn't happening after all since he announced he wouldn't fight the results.

Yeah I'm thinking its over. He isn't going to fight the stolen election no matter how obvious it was. Since whatever he could had done it would be in vain since the corrupt states where Lula won would just produce some fake audit and the government will just pass it off as real.

The other option is that he could seize power and turn Brazil into Russia, but all of his "allies" in the Brazilian government are now backstabbing him.

I mean this is Latin America shit like this is so common there that most of the people just accept that they just accept it as normal. Some people will still try to fight against it but they will never at any point become powerful enough to really take them down. 

Maybe he does answer the call from his fans and start a coup to make himself president and spend the next few decades fighting a guerilla war against socialists in the amazon. But right now I don't think that is going to happen and he's just gonna let Brazil be doomed to its fate.


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