Liz Truss resigned lol

 IRL woman moment Liz Truss has resigned after 45 days in office and somehow made those 45 days being worse than the last 3 Tory prime ministers combined. 

She got the shaft because she cut taxes by 5% which of course is an act of evil by the British establishment. Not for migrants, Ukraine, deficit, Covid or anything that she has caused in her 45 day reign.  

Some of the Tory establishment seek for Boris the cuck to return to his post because with him they know he won't be a evil libertarian.


 High chance he does return but if he doesn't all the other choices might as well be him since all of them are in the globalist camp

Boris is going to be the last White Prime minister of the UK and there is nothing for even the most patriotic Brit to do since Far right parties don't exist in the country. All they can do now is run for the hills.

Liz is going to be hailed as a hero of diversity in the mutt kingdom in 2122 for her and the previous PM's making the UK into a brown country.


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