imagine unironically buying this

 There is a new trend going on with the ex Trump cabinet members is that they are all self loving books. And how they were so great at their job even though living through them literally show it was the opposite.

Mike pompeo a man who is now trying to get the Never trumpers to talk about him because he knows there is nothing for him in politics beyond being secretary of state. Is now writing a "behind the scenes" book that in reality is a self serving fan-fiction

The only people who buy these books from these type of people are Con inc sheep who worship this guy because Jews on TV celebrate his mirage peace deals in the middle east that were ignored as soon as Trump left office. 

This guy let John Bolton control Trump so that he could not probably peruse his anti war policy which was one of his main campaign promises. He let the Fake Ukraine collusion go through without issue which resulted in the first impeachment. 

This dude should be remembered for being a traitor and a swamp monster. Anyone who buys his book are part of the problem.


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