Metokur stans are desperate

 The great Battle between Ethan Ralph and his haters is pretty much over with Ralph emerging victorious over his enemies.

 Kino Casino is dead, Kiwifarms is dead, Jaden Mcneil fell off, Poa is dead, And the only one standing is metokur. And his fans know that they are pretty much in this alone at this point.


This is probably the most pathetic thing his fanbase has made against the Gunt Guards. They are desperate since they know Ralph won and they and their supporters against him have taken the L.

This also tells the world that they enjoy watching Ralph than masturbating. 


Chances are is that Metokur and his legion of degenerates won't take the L until Metokur passes from being a loser who doesn't go outside. They are digging their own graves at this point and we are loving every minute of it. 


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