almost 2 years too late

 IF your government or politican begins to start railing against the covid narrative or the vax after a year or longer then it isn't something worth celebrating. Case in point Albertas new premir is saying Unvaccinated are "most discriminated group she's seen in her lifetime"

This would be helping if it was done in 2021. The problem is that this is late 2022 and the vax narrative has won without any struggle. And even then it has been dropped in favor of the new current thing.

Saying this does nothing almost 80% of Canadians are vaxxed. Its like in 2100 when a mutt politician is saying White people are the most discriminated when their ancestors spent years doing nothing about it and now the politician is now saying a group that no longer exists is discriminated. 

Plus she's is going to retract this when the Party bosses and the establishment comes knocking when she is voicing grift support for the unvaxxed and she's going to cave in because Women can't handle being challenged. 


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