New grift just dropped

 For the last 8 years Con inc was claiming people who support White lives are actually racist and we must be this inclusive crapshoot. Now that Kanye is fighting for the White man these same people who spout civnat nonsense 24/7 and now grifting on it. 

Reminder if you believed this literally before Kanye wearing the WLM shirt you would be attacked by him as some evil Racist. Well now all of a sudden he cares about White people and their lives when he will also keep supporting policies that hurt White lives like mass immigration and inclusive populism. 

Proud that Kanye is out there supporting a group of people that haven been torn down since the 1960s. And naming them at Tucker knowing his future life is now at risk of getting killed. 

Anyone who was against WLM and now you are after Kanye did it. You are a clown and deserved to be made fun off for being a ultimate shabbos goy.


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